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List Of Best TV Shows 2016

The Red Tent season 1 is a new TV series that is considered to be the TV adaptation of the famous book written by Anita Diamant. The Red Tent
In this television series one will find out about the girl whose name is Dinah and who is the only daughter of Jacob. According to her opinion, the whole story is made exclusively by women of the Jacob’s clan. It is only their intelligence that is important. They call themselves “the red tent”. Jacob himself has been married on four different women. However, the whole story revolves around Dinah. The viewers will find out how she grows up and what feelings does she experience in her life.

The Player season 1 is a TV series the action of which is taking place in Las Vegas.
The story goes about Alex Kane who is a former sniper now is working as an expert in the field of security. Not so long ago he has lost his wife. Since that time he is being engaged in a mysterious plot. Thus, he gets into a secret organization the head of which gives him a lot of heroic assignments during which he will be required to save human lives. This organization is unbelievably powerful and is capable to do almost everything. All their work may be described as a play with the human lives and Alex is only one more player. The most important for this organization is to win.

The Newsroom season 1 is a TV show that tells about the news journalist Will McAvoy and his co-workers who work at the fictional show called ACN. The Newsroom
Once his boss whose name is Charlie Skinner decides to renovate this news program. For this purpose he hires a journalist McHale who will take the position of the executive producer. She also takes several people with whom she has been making reports in Iraq. Thus, McHale is going to make exclusively honest show. The first several reports are quite successful. However, the problems arise when McAvoy makes a report about some political parties. After that the ratings fall. Since now on, McAvoy and McHale need to work together in order to bring the viewers back.